matchweek 18
    1FC Viktoria Plzeň1734:547
    2SK Sigma Olomouc1723:1033
    3SK Slavia Praha1727:832
    4AC Sparta Praha1723:1231
    5FC Slovan Liberec1724:1830
    6Bohemians Praha 19051716:1425
    7FK Jablonec1723:2124
    8FK Teplice1721:1923
    9FC Fastav Zlín1719:2421
    10FK Dukla Praha1719:3020
    11MFK Karviná1717:2517
    12FK Mladá Boleslav1719:3017
    131.FC Slovácko1715:2415
    14FC Zbrojovka Brno1712:2415
    15FC Vysočina Jihlava1716:3213
    16FC Baník Ostrava1722:3411

    29th round: Hradec and Pří­bram are leaving the league

    The rookie from Hradec Králové and nine years league member Příbram are leaving the league.

    29th round: Hradec and Pří­bram are leaving the league

    The decision was made in the penultimate round, in which Příbram played just a 1:1 draw in important key match in Jihlava. Hradec Králové lost their match on Sparta´s pitch, where they lost 1:2. Bohemians 1905 celebrated a wining after 2:0 match in Karviná and this result means relagation for Hradec Králové and Příbram to the second league.

    The question of The Master is still not responded. Slavia, after their 2:1 wining in Mladá Boleslav, are 2 points ahead of Plzeň and they just need to win over Brno in their last match of this season to reach the title. The guests took a lead after 11th minute goal scored by Ngadeu and 85th minute goal scored by Mingazov. One minute before end Chramosta just regulated the final score to 1:2.

    Slavia were  very close to the title during this round, because Plzeň had to win in Brno and after 90 minutes the result was still just 0:0. But the title defender took three points after Krmenčík´s goal and the hope is still alive for Plzeň.

    During matches of teams that are at risk of relagation, Hronek made really important step by scoring and saved his team Jihlava, while Příbram just got one point from a draw game result afer own goal scored by Štěpánek. Team from Příbram is strugling to stay in the first league in last few years and they were succesfull till this season. In the comparsion with Jihlava  that still stay in the first league. Unfortunatelly, players from Hradec Králové stayed in the main league just for one season.

    Goals scored by Václav Kadlec, Šural and Lafata in Letná stadium sent them to the second league. Players from eastern part of Czech Republic scored two goals by Šípek and Vlkana, but it was not enough. Their next game against Bohemians 1905 will be just a last goodbye with the first league. The Kangaroos were not waiting for a luck and ensured their staying in the first league for next season by the winning in Karviná. They won the match after four losses in a row. They scored during the first half by Dostál and russian player Kabajev.