matchweek 4
    1FC Viktoria Plzeň396
    2SK Slavia Praha373
    3SK Sigma Olomouc364
    41.FC Slovácko356
    5AC Sparta Praha353
    6Bohemians Praha 1905353
    7MFK Karviná344
    8FK Teplice344
    9FC Slovan Liberec343
    10FC Baník Ostrava345
    11FC Fastav Zlín332
    12FK Dukla Praha332
    13FK Jablonec322
    14FK Mladá Boleslav312
    15FC Zbrojovka Brno312
    16FC Vysočina Jihlava310


    • 2nd round: Sparta were effective in Boleslav, Plzeň are still sovereign

      09/08/2017 | Weekly review
      The football masters from Slavia have already lost first points in the second round, while they played just a 0:0 draw game on the newcomers playfield in Ostrava. Opposite that Plzeň are still sovereign. They won 1:0 in Jablonec. Due to this win Plzeň have got full six points on their account, plus they still did not get a goal. Sparta celebrate their first season victory after 1:0 game in Mladá Boleslav.
    • 1st round: Sparta draw with Bohemians, Slavia beat Teplice

      02/08/2017 | Weekly review
      The biggest surprise of the first round was draw 1:1 in the match of Sparta and Bohemians. Team of Andrey Stramaccioni hesitated right at the starting match, while Slavia smashed Teplice on the home ground and Plzeň beat up Dukla.
    • 30th round: Slavia celebrate the title. Boleslav will play the European League

      15/06/2017 | Weekly review
      Slavia players beat Brno in the last league match 4:0. After this wining they started to celebrate the title after eight years. They won the league with two points ahead of Viktoria Plzeň, whilst Viktoria's 2:0 wining over Jihlava was not enough. Mladá Boleslav kept fourth place in the league table and by this place they guaranteed their participation in the European League even if they lost the game 4:0 against Liberec.
    • 27th round: Plzeň hesitated with Jablonec and lost the lead

      08/05/2017 | Weekly review
      The Plzeň surprisingly lost two points in the game with Jablonec and their lead is in danger before last three games of the season. Team Slavia is now in lead with two points ahead after wining against Bohemians. Sparta ensured their third position after 1:0 win in Liberec.
    • 23rd round: Teams Plzeň, Slavia and Sparta celebrate victory

      11/04/2017 | Weekly review
      All three teams from top of the rank table did well. Plzeň won 1:0 in Hradec Králové, Slavia won 2:1 in Karviná and Sparta celebrated a 3:2 victory on their playifield against Zbrojovka. Unfortunately team Zlín fell down again after playing 0:2 in Jablonec and losing already three points on Mladá Boleslav, actually situated at the fourth place of the rank table.
    • 20th round: Sparta fell down again and revoked their coaches

      08/04/2017 | Weekly review
      The shooters were finally succesfull during the 20th round. Spectators could see nice shootout in Jihlava, from where Karviná took 3 points after 4:2 wining. Really good performance was presented by Lukáš Budínský, who scored once and assisted for two other goals.